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Denver, CO

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4TAir Brand Identity Design

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For 4TAir there were several goals, some of which are easily achievable. The first goal was to establish a distinction between 4T and Air - Air being more than the space where drones operate, but the acronym for Aerial, Infrastructure, and Regulations. 4T will function as the umbrella company that houses a number of ventures while AIR is set in capital letters because, as previously mentioned, we aim to make the subtle distinction between Air and the acronym.

The logo was created with adaptability and versatility in mind, like the ever-changing conditions that a pilot will face.

Furthermore, we set out to include several details that will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

The crossbar (horizontal stroke) of the letter “A” takes off from the base, simulating take off, motion, and action. The slight space above the crossbar and the shadow bellow give depth and a sense of dynamicity. Furthermore, aerial, Infrastructure and Regulations. As an acronym it should read A.I.R. but this would sever the relation to “Air”. For this reason a small corner on the tail of the letter “R” is sectioned to reference the period that would follow an acronym.