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We have said it before and we will say it again: We believe every brand, business or company should have a high quality brand identity and marketing materials that match.

Average creative agencies, studios or firms come with a hefty price tag that is anywhere between $300 to $800 per hour of effective work. This can include research, brainstorming and of course actual labor. 

We are structured in a way that makes it possible to work within most of our clients budgets.


The Pricing on the Cake: When we save, you save!

Transparency is important. For this reason, we share our average prices for each service. Do keep in mind, this is an average and your quote may be different.

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All Credit Card and PayPal payments are subject to an additional fee of 3% - 20%. All other methods of payment are not subject to additional fees.


This includes Logo, brand research, brainstorming and delivery of files for client use.

Avg. $1,800

Web Design

Web Design pricing varies with complexity and workload.

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Avg. $2,200

Graphic Design

Price and duration varies with project, complexity and amount of work. Averaged per hour.

Avg. $75/hour

Social Media Content

Price varies with the content and complexity desired. Price is based on a per-packet of content basis.

Avg. $300

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