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Denver, CO

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BarrelEye Brand Identity & Name

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BarrelEye is an upcoming Surf & Scuba photography studio based in Atlanta, GA, with locations in every wave around the world. For this project Diéresis was involved in every aspect of the brand's creation, from name to image.

The name BarrelEye has a double meaning, on one hand the barreleye is a deep-sea fish which relates to the diving aspect of the studio. On the other hand, the most sought after moment in a surfer's journey is achieving surfer's nirvana, that moment where the surfboard glides within the wave as it creates a tunnel of water, also known as The Barrel. BarrelEye studio puts the eye of the camera in that barrel and captures a glimpse into the wave for you to take home.

In order to create a brand identity that reflects the nature of the surfer's experience in the waves and the critical components of the business, we developed a logo based in geometry while breaking the straight lines to add significance. The rectangular shape of the logo mark closely resembles a underwater camera casing, a shell that protects the camera from the elements, while the curvatures on the inside and outside subtly outline the shape of the camera.

Additionally, we wanted to capture the surfing experience within the logo. A big part of this experience is getting caught in the waves, tossing and turning in the water. For this reason, the logo is made in a way that, no matter what the orientation is, the logo will always resemble a fish. While on the subject of rotating the logo, once rotated 90 degrees, the division between the blue "dome" and the body create a resemblance to the scuba diving flag used to alert other vessels that a diver is below.