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Denver, CO

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BonAir Brand Identity & Name

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For this project, we were involved in the creation of the name and brand image, stay tuned for the new web design coming soon and much more. BonAir comes from the concepts we identified as core-ideas, such as "health", "good" and "air", with the challenge of devising a name that can be understood in both English and Spanish. 

BonAir is a Puerto Rico based company focused on the distribution of CIMR technology devices, which use the hydrogen and oxygen in the air to create hydrogen peroxide in gas form to protect users from mold, bacteria and viruses.


At its most basic form, the logo is comprised of a pattern created using the left-most shape. These shapes all represent the h2o2 molecule, each circle (or atom) being one of two different sizes that have a 30% radius difference since the oxygen atom is roughly 30% larger than the hydrogen atom.

The logo mark, as mentioned above, is formed using a pattern of h2o2-like shapes which, when put together, form a fan or ventilator.

This fan-like shape is a reference to the air and the cleaning and purifying functions that CIMR devices perform on said air.