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Denver, CO

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aBx Brand Identity & Naming

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aBx is a new and upcoming CPA and Advisors company in Puerto Rico with an additional array of services like automation and programming of tailored accounting software & solutions.

During the initial stages of the project, the core themes, motifs, and guiding principles used in the creation of the brand identity in development for aBx were the following:

  • Avoid trite and cliché symbolisms

  • Maintain simplicity throughout the different lock-ups

  • Lean towards abstraction

  • Brand image should feel trustworthy

  • Brand image should feel related, in part, to technology

  • Serious and formal without being bland

  • Freshness, innovation, outside-the-box thinking

Grid View

About the logo

The elements are slanted to create dynamism, while the right-most bar has an additional stroke, which alludes to the letter x. This also creates the shape of a text bubble, emphasizing the communication between brand & client.

When straightened, the logomark resembles a bar chart. One of the main goals was to avoid concepts that are trite and overused, but by taking this to abstraction, it is hidden, yet lies in plain sight.