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PRLLA and AC Information and Donation Campaigns

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Puerto Rico Leads las Americas (PRLLA) and Aire Compartido "Shared Air" (AC) are two organizations that collaborate with BonAir and other brands that are committed to stop COVID-19 for good.

Together, they have devised a protocol aptly named Air Safe which focuses on reducing the COVID cases to a reasonable minimum. As part of this protocol, a series of visual media was developed to reinforce the behavior that has been proven to reduce contagion cases, such as wearing face masks, washing your hands, among others. These visual cues work in tandem with groundbreaking H2O2 low level gas generators that kill viruses in the air and surface before it can have the opportunity to infect people.
As part of the pilot program to demonstrate the effectiveness of this protocol, a school in Puerto Rico collaborated with these brands to put this protocol to the test, launching an information campaign to reinforce the desired behavior and a donation campaign to raise funds to cover the costs of the devices that form part of this 9-layer protocol.

A shift in message

During the initial stages of this project, we conducted focus groups and one-on-one interviews with different sectors of the population. Some of the findings were expected, some, on the other hand, caught us off-guard.

We noticed a trend on the attentiveness people displayed when reading COVID related announcements. Some of these findings include the fact that people lose interest in an announcement when using "COVID-19" instead of just "COVID" and even more importantly, in general, people are tired of reading negative news and stories related to COVID.

These two topics were something we decided to tackle while working on this project. By using positive messages with a lighter, friendlier tone and using a language that was closer to a casual conversation, we managed to connect with people and get the message across with great results.

COVID is NOT invited here

During the second phase of focus groups and interviews that were part of the project, we presented different positive messages. With an overwhelming lead, the message "COVID is NOT invited here" (Both in English speaking audiences and Spanish speaking audiences) showed great promise. This message, with a positive yet affirmative attitude, lets people know they are in a safe space free of COVID.

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Reinforcing through repetition

A key aspect of this 9-layer protocol is public cooperation. By keeping yourself safe, you help others stay safe. In order to reinforce this type of positive behavior, we created a series of 25 signage boards to be placed in different locations through the school.

These small signs would offer reminders, "fun facts", or other helpful information to show the horrible side-effects of COVID without making students feel scared. Our goal was to inform, not to cause panic.

To do this, we used data from the CDC and other healthcare organizations to remind people of the dangers of COVID and make it clear that beating this airborne threat is a team effort.

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Communicating with parents

Lastly, while implementing a robust protocol like the AirSafe protocol in a school where kids spend most of their day presented a possible problem: concerned parents. In addition to signage, posters, flyers, and banners, we created a short 5 page handbook to showcase the technologies that are being used in the school, making emphasis on the fact that these technologies are safe and have the proper scientific studies to confirm this.

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In a time where most schools in the country are struggling to keep COVID cases down unsuccessfully, this particular school has reported a surprising 0 COVID cases during the entirety of the 2021-2022 school year. Now, this is not something we can take credit for. Having 0 COVID cases is a team effort, and we are proud to do our part in this change for the better.

Are you interested in learning more about our Graphic Design services? Visit: Graphic Design.

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